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About Us

Our Story

Prenatal Ease was launched by a husband and wife duo on a mission to provide carefully formulated health products and high-quality, plant-based skin care for new moms. They discovered a gap in the market for optimally formulated prenatal health products while on their own personal journey of starting a family, as well as working with other moms in a similar predicament. The founders Yan and Michael decided to leave their full-time jobs to begin the research and development for Prenatal Ease.

Michael is a sci-fi fan, environmentalist and no stranger to the pharmaceutical industry. His extensive research and development experience came from working with major institutions like the University of Toronto and the University of London. He has over ten years of clinical experience as a practicing pharmacist in England and Canada. It was during his many patient consultations with pregnant women, he noticed that the one-size-fits-all approach with prenatal vitamins did not work with all women. 

Yan is an engineer, avid traveler, and a health and wellness advocate. She comes from a large family, and grew up with plenty of exposure to Traditional Chinese Medicine. Whilst planning for her pregnancy, she did extensive research to find quality products from conception to pregnancy. She is fascinated with the benefits of traditional herbal medicines, and is even more excited about being a first time mom! Yan understands the challenges of motherhood from managing morning sickness to adjusting one’s lifestyle with a new bundle of joy. She is extremely passionate about supporting moms to strive towards a balanced and happy life.

Michael and Yan, together with a diverse team of healthcare professionals including a doctor, physiotherapist, and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner started the research and development of Prenatal Ease. After several years of extensive research, Prenatal Ease’s products are now available on the market.