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FAQ Stage 1

Can I take Prenatal Ease Stage 1 even if I do not suffer from morning sickness?

Yes. Prenatal Ease Stage 1 contains all the essential minerals and vitamins that are essential to a healthy pregnancy.

Can I take Prenatal Ease Stage 1 if I am not in the first trimester?

Yes. Although Prenatal Ease Stage 1 is optimized for the first trimester, it is safe to be taken at any stage of pregnancy. However, for the best results, Stage 1 should be taken during first trimester.

What happens if I missed a dose?

Missing a dose will not cause any harm. Simply take the next scheduled dose as normal. You should not take more than the recommended amount on subsequent days to make up for any day(s) that you have missed.

Is Prenatal Ease Stage 1 suitable for vegetarians?

Yes. Prenatal Ease Stage 1 does not use any ingredients that come from animal sources.

How do I take Prenatal Ease Stage 1?

The recommended dose for Prenatal Ease Stage 1 is one capsule twice daily. Twice daily dosing will ensure that you get the maximum benefit of the ginger and also allows for a smaller capsule to be used, making it a lot easier to swallow than other prenatal multivitamins.

This medication should be taken with food and plenty of water since this will maximize the absorption of nutrients. Take a few hours before or after taking other medications.

How long does each bottle last?

There are 90 capsules in each bottle. Each bottle will last you 45 days or half of a trimester.